Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sprints 3rd party Insurance Service

We bought my 13 year old daughter an expensive ($250) phone in the hope that she would take care of it, but just in case that didn't happen we go the insurance with it.

Not long after this she dropped it in the tub full of water. After that we told her you have to work for the money to replace the phone yourself. To teach her responsibility for her actions and careless behavior of using the phone unresponsively, well it took her 6 months to come up with the money.

Now for the fun part... When I call their 3rd party provider ( to try and get a new phone for her, they tell me that they cannot provide us with a new phone because it’s not within the 60 days of when the phone was damaged. Does this not sound stupid to you? I know most people would replace their phone with in that amount of time. But when you are teaching a 13 year old how to take responsibility for their actions, $50 does not come easy, much less to some adults. So I have been paying $7 per phone for 4 years now and used this service once since this time plus we are still in a contract with sprint and we can't replace the phone??? What the heck??? IF I were not in a contract I could understand that, but since I am I should be able to replace my phone at anytime during this contract and not have a time limit on when I should turn in a damaged phone.

Needless to say we canceled all insurance on all our phones because of this behavior. Their Policy sucks and if they are going to use a 3rd party insurance then Cell phone companies need to work closer with these 3rd part insurance companies. This is a ridiculous policy and undermines everyone and shows that all corporations are only out for your money and not worried proper customer service.

I could be like some parents that just go out buy their kid’s one item after another even after they break it. Kids need to learn respect for their toys and their parents. They will appreciate it when they are older.

As it turns out my wife a far more patient person than I am. Because of that she talked with a local Sprint shop around town and we might be able to purchase one of their demo phones or used phones that they have there. It’s not the best solution, but it is better than paying $28 per month for something that really is useless unless you read the fine print of their policy. The 60 day policy should not matter if you are a paying customer and have paid your insurance faithfully per month and you are still in an active contract with your Cell provider.

That is what Pisses me off!